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Recruitment of employees

… this is undoubtedly the crucial link in our business, which is why we have been focusing on development in this area for years. This is determined not only by the successively acquired experience, but also by growing competition and, together with it- an increasing difficulty in recruiting employees from the East. At this stage, we have a big advantage because we recruit not only in Poland but also via two recruitment offices located in Ukraine (Lviv and Kharkiv). The second element that makes us the leader in recruitment is the good opinion among our employees who are willing to return in order to work with us and recommend us to others.

The recruitment service is based on the work of a young, dynamic and reliable team of HR specialists,

who speak at least two languages. Modern forms of communication are their main source of attracting people who are looking for a job. Thanks to the social media and various communicators, they are able to recruit several hundred people a month, both specialists and blue-collar workers.

Therefore, if your company has staff shortages and the Polish labor market is unable to satisfy them, please give us the possibility to find motivated staff for you.

Coordination of accommodation and transport

In our work, from the very beginning, we are guided by the idea that the people who we employ are the most valuable for us. We work mainly with foreigners. We are aware of the inconvenience connected with their economic emigration – they leave their families, places, culture and language. To help them during this difficult time, we offer our clients accommodation service for workers from abroad. Many years of experience in this area allows us to choose the greatest location and standards for the employees in order to let them feel comfortable during everyday functioning, while minimizing the costs associated with it.

In the case of inconvenient locations, we expand our service by coordinating the commute of staff to the client’s workplace, offering rental of coaches, minibuses, reimbursement of monthly tickets and even the purchase of cars or bicycles for our workers’ needs.

If you want to offer accommodation or transportation to your employees, but you have no idea how to do it, we invite you to use our services.

Employee leasing

In different words- renting employees, is an offer addressed to entrepreneurs who want to optimize the costs related to recruitment, employment and staffing, as well as for those who plan to undertake short-term business ventures in their companies or sudden increase of employment without need to tie up permanently with employees.

The cooperation is based on the pattern: EMPLOYEE – WORK AGENCY – EMPLOYER USER, which thus transfers all responsibility and duties related to employment to the agency. The range of benefits of this solution can also include: quick change of employees who do not meet the expectations of the employer (try & hire), reducing the risk of downtime at the plant and minimize the costs of doing business because choosing our service you pay only for what has been accomplished (subject of the contract with the agency is not the employee himself, but the service he has made).

If you need more information about leasing employees, please contact us.

Legalization of stay

If you are thinking about employing foreigners in your company, but you do not know how long the procedure of legalization of stay and work takes or what it looks like, we encourage you to contact us.

The expanded administration department of our company, thanks to the years of practice, has specialized in preparing documents for our employees and will be glad to share their knowledge in this field. We will guide you through each stage of administrative procedures related to the legalization of employment based on:

  • statement on the intention to entrust work;
  • work permit;
  • temporary residence cards.

The knowledge and experience of our team of specialists is a guarantee of the accuracy, completeness and currency of all necessary documents, so the potential inspection of the Social Insurance Institution, Tax Office, State Labour Inspectorate or Border Guard will ultimately prove to be only a formality.

Administrative audits

If you are one of those companies that have already hired employees from the East, but you are not sure whether your steps to legalize their work are adequate and sufficient – we offer one-time or regular administrative audits. The specialists (auditors) employed by us have extensive knowledge of administrative procedures, labour law and tax law. Their knowledge is supported by many years of experience in legalizing the stay and work of foreigners in Poland.

The culmination of the service that we offer is an audit report containing a list of procedural defects and missing in documents and a list of post-audit recommendations suggesting how to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

We encourage you to take advantage of our service, as it may turn out to be incomparably lower than the penalties and fines imposed by the state control authorities.


A visible increase in employment is a very common symptom of the company’s development. A side-effect of such an increase may be a staff deficit. Finding reliable HR and payroll specialists is quite a challenge, and the cost of their employment and preparing the workplaces can give you sleepless nights. The solution of the problems in this area is the outsourcing service of personnel and payroll procedures that we offer.

This is the optimal solution that will allow you to avoid tedious calculations, all bureaucracy connected with the creation of various declarations and forms, e.g. to the Social Insurance Institution, Tax Office, or employees’ records keeping and many others.

We will take care of the staff in your company, regardless of the scale of employment and the working mode of the plant, so we advise you not to protract and if you want to save your time and money,  you can contact us today and ask about the details of our service.

Outsorcing of production processes

… is a service, where, at the client’s request, we organize work in the selected production area. What is related to this, as the organizers we take full responsibility for all processes in this area, we guarantee all safety rules and maintain the highest quality. The service is complemented by trainings which increase qualifications of delegated employees, optimization of entrusted processes and resources as well as management of these processes.

If you are not sure if this service fits your needs – do not worry, we will surely find a solution tailored to the company’s policy and favourable to its development.

Translation services

We realize that a significant barrier for employers who decided to hire personnel, e.g. from Ukraine, is a language barrier. Our business partners want every employee to have equal access to information in a given company, including: all procedures, contracts, rules of safety and health at work, regulations, instructions, etc.

The solution offered by us is the translation service that we can provide our clients with. Depending on your needs, we can offer translations in Ukrainian, Russian, German and English, both in written and oral form.

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